The Busena Terrace Wedding, Okinawa

Am down in Okinawa to film a wedding at The Busena Terrace, tomorrow. For the destination weddings I do, we always try to spend some time the day before the wedding filming the couple just walking on the beach or enjoying the area with the couple. The big day is always so busy so it is a great chance to just get to know the couple, and them us!

The weather wasn’t so good today, none of the sunny Okinawa weather, so I was bit worried that our time out around the Busena was going to be chilly. And it was! But, the weather was spectacular. The clouds and the sun making an appearance every so often was really dramatic and we got some great shots playing on the beach and along the beachfront.

Incidentially, The Busena was the venue for the G8 Summit in 2000.

The photos were taken with my iPhone with no adjustments or filters  – just beautiful Okinawa filter/effect used!

Busena Terrace OkinawaBusena Terrace OkinawaBusena Terrace OkinawaBusena Terrace Okinawa