photographer chris moore interview on canon pro printer site

canon pixma printer interview chris moorecanon pixma printer interview chris moore

Being a multi-talented crew here we can handle both video and photography with style so we know a thing or two about both. Although the filming and editing of wedding video and photo are quite different, we deliver both as download data and, depending on the package, usb data or disk. Of course, a big advantage of photo over video is that instead of just data, a photograph can be printed out, held in your hand, hung on the wall, made into a card. It becomes something physical.

While we are try and make viewing and sharing your photos online as easy and fun as possible by giving you access to a download link and a slideshow, we also offer photo albums and canvas prints. Hope to get some information up on the those albums and canvas prints soon. But from next month we are also going to offer prints of photos.

Canon has a stunning new professional printer coming out this month and I was lucky enough to be selected to have my wedding photographs used in the marketing campaign. At the moment the pictures are just on the Canon website, here, but they will also be used in the printer catalogue and sample prints to be displayed in shops.

Working with the ad agency and Canon selecting the photos, I realised that a printer the quality of the Canon Pixma Pro-100s is not just printing out a poor substitute for something that belongs on the screen, but by printing a photograph out it feels like something new is made. We really want to let all couples experience this so, at least for the wedding photography packages, we want to include at least one print (with options for more, of course) for each photo plan.

Great photos by well-known Japanese photographers displayed on the Canon printer site as well so do have a look.

These are the photos by Chris Moore used in the Canon printer marketing campaign.

canon pixma printer chris moorecanon pixma printer chris moorecanon pixma printer chris moore