j and j pre-wedding photos at yokohama – in the rain!

After spending the morning photographing in Harajuku and then the Meiji Jingu Shrine, we took a break before heading out in the late-afternoon for Yokohama.


Of course, being Yokohama, we went to the Osanbashi pier for some photos looking out over the red brick store houses and the ferris wheel.  On the pier is some artwork of the three towers of Yokohama, the King (Kanagawa Prefectural Office), the Queen (Yokohama Customs building) and the Jack (Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall) and J and J where our king and queen.yokohama-pre-wedding-tokyo12yokohama-pre-wedding-tokyo15

The umbrella was not just for looks, it really was raining most of the day in the Japanese rainy season drizzle.  yokohama-pre-wedding-tokyo16

Yokohama Customs building (The Queen) in the background.

In front of the red brick storehouse in Yokohama. The light was fading towards evening so we got some great moody shots against the red bricks of the storehouse, and also looking out over the Yokohama bay with ferries lit up behind.