wedding surrounded by family at the Kyoto Hyatt Regency – part1

Only a few weeks ago we filmed a wedding in Yamanashi that was part of a Australia-Hong Kong-Japan circle around the Pacific, and this wedding at the Kyoto Hyatt Regency was part of something similar. A wedding ceremony in Hong Kong, this family gathering wedding ceremony in Kyoto that I was lucky to be part of and then a celebration in Australia.



The famous red leaves of Kyoto had passed their peak but we traces remained, providing colour to photos of the rings.



The Hyatt Regency Kyoto is in Higashiyama, Kyoto, almost opposite to the Kyoto National Museumkyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography3

The groom had a really bad cold and was kept going by cold medicine from Hong Kong and Australia. I think he also had some from Japan – covering all bases!kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography6kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography7


The bride’s brother found out he was the DJ for the day a couple of hours before the wedding so after choosing some songs he and the bride spent some time talking about the songs, especially the all-important wedding entrance song.


First look.
kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography11kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography12kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography13_2kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography15kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography16kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography17Some pictures of the couple in the beautiful Japanese garden of the Kyoto Hyatt. They were so natural together, it was just a matter of choosing a couple of spots and letting them be themselves together. kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography18kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography19

The spiral staircase at the Kyoto Hyatt

Love this shot of the couple in front of the wine rack, reflected in the glass. kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography21kyoto-hyatt-wedding-photography22_2

And then time for the wedding. Photos up next time.