Sunny afternoon prewedding photo shoot in Harajuku and Omotesando – part 1

He had lived in Japan a few years ago and they both loved the Harajuku and Omotesando area in Tokyo so we headed out for some casual photos on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Staying away from the mad rush of sakura around the city meant we were able to get some great shots in places which had many memories for the both of them – and to make some special memories.

harajuku-omotesando-prewedding1 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding2 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding3 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding4 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding5
We had a great time exploring the area together. I like to think I know the Harajuku and Omotesando area of Tokyo reasonably well but there are always new places to learn about. Hadn’t heard of Maisen tonkatsu but as he is a big Tonkatsu fan so we got some pictures under the sign. Will have to check out Maisens soon.

harajuku-omotesando-prewedding6 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding7 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding8 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding9 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding10

The police cycled on past!harajuku-omotesando-prewedding11 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding12 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding13 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding14

Lots of one of a kind boutique shops in the backstreets of Omotesando so we just wandered around and stopped when inspiration and curiosity stopped us. harajuku-omotesando-prewedding15 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding16 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding17 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding18

Even managed to get a shot of Mt Fuji from Harajuku!harajuku-omotesando-prewedding19 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding20

Love these kind of shots – the couple part of the urban landscape, relaxed, having a fun time. harajuku-omotesando-prewedding21 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding22 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding23

Not sure which is the filth or the fury but the delivery guy certainly looked amused.

More pre-wedding pictures around the Harajuku area next time.