Sunny afternoon prewedding photo shoot in Harajuku and Omotesando – part 2

After starting at Omotesando station a walking down Omotesando street towards Harajuku in the previous post, we spent some time in the back streets of Harajku before taking the train to Shibuya for some scramble crossing fun. Read on.
harajuku-omotesando-prewedding1 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding2

Outside the Tokyu Plaza building – the one with all those angled mirrors up the escalators. It was the cherry blossom season, but those are fake! harajuku-omotesando-prewedding3

Nice to get a bit of traditional Japan – and some smiles!- in the pictures. These stone lanterns are a reminder that this street was originally the entrance road to the Meiji Shrine.

Outside the LaForet building, Omotesando. Cheered on by Anime characters. harajuku-omotesando-prewedding5 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding6 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding7 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding8 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding9 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding10

A weekday in Harajuku Takeshita Street. Crazy amount of people – great for atmosphere of the shots but hard to spot our couple so we found some side streets harajuku-omotesando-prewedding11 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding12 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding13 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding14

Had to get some shots with the Harajuku station building in the background. Incidentally, those trees behind the station are part of Meiji Shrine.
harajuku-omotesando-prewedding15 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding16 harajuku-omotesando-prewedding17

Love this shot of them reflected in the train window. After a few shots on the Harajuku station platform it was off to Shibuya and the scramble crossing – pictures next time.