“I’ve no idea what it means” – the day before a Fukuoka Dazaifu Tenmangu wedding film

We spent the day before the wedding day at the beach in Fukuoka, near where the couple was staying. Being February it was freezing! So walking around trying to stay warm the bride and groom practiced their vows for the wedding the next day at the Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine (太宰府天満宮).

The groom speaks a bit of Japanese, enough to feel some pressure to get the vows correct, so we practiced in the bracing wind, trying not to bet blown out to sea.

“Chanto yarimasu” (I’m going to do this properly) he starts off. After doing a very serious, and very correct, reading of the vows he ends with a “I’ve no idea what it means” and we all ended up laughing.

The day before the wedding is a special time to spend with the couple. Everything is ready to go so there only remains to wait for the day to come, and to look forward with anticipation, happiness (and a bit of nervousness!) to the next day. A great time to catch the couple as they are together, spend some time getting to know them and some casual shots.

Do watch the film to find out how their day went.

Wedding Trailer Film

Wedding Digest Film

The wedding reception was held at the nearby The Arcadia Dazaifu (THE アルカディア太宰府)

Filmed on the Sony A7RII by Chris Moore
Edited with Final Cut Pro X by Chris Moore