Japanese garden Koishikawa Korakuen – kimono photoshoot part 1

The request was for pre-wedding (well, actually post-wedding!) photos with a Japan background and feel but not the standard Tokyo Tower shots; also preferably with some greenery and nature, rather than places like crowded Shibuya. They were also wondering if there was somewhere where we could take some photographs with a similar atmosphere to the machiya streets of Gion in Kyoto. Our kimono rental plan was the perfect addition for this very Japanese themed shoot and, after a bit of thought, we found the perfect location. Read on for part one.

tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park1 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park2 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park3

First stop was the beautiful Japanese garden, Koishikawa Korakuen (小石川後楽園). Love this shot in the pagoda amongst the greenery. The kimono they chose give the perfect accent.

tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park4_2 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park6

Amongst the flowers of Koishikawa Korakuen in Kimono. Flowers+kimono+smiles=guaranteed great photos! tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park7 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park8 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park9

Koishikawa Korakuen Park is really big! We had a great time wandering around, enjoying the peace and quiet of the park but didn’t manage to explore it all.

tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park10_2 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park12 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park15 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park16

As well as a large lake and a smaller pond and a couple of streams we even found a small Japanese temple and Japanese gate in a quiet corner. Perfect location for those “taken in Japan” photos.
tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park17_2 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park19 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park20 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park21_2

The stone lanterns by the large lake made a great combination with kimono. tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park23 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park24 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park25 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park26_2

A Japanese garden green oasis in Tokyo. After some shots looking out over the lake it was time to head over to Kagurazaka (神楽坂) , a 10 minute walk away. Prewedding kimono photos among the machiya from Kagurazaka in part 2.