Kagurazaka at sunset kimono photos part 2

After spending some time wandering around the beautiful Korakuen Japanese garden in Kimono, we headed over to Kagurazaka (神楽坂、かくれんぼ横丁) less than 15 minutes walk away for a stroll around the cobble stoned streets. Read on for more.

Beautiful evening light on the back streets of Kagurazaka. No coincidence actually as on the couple’s suggestion we timed the shoot to end in the early evening. Love that pink kimono!
tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park32 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park33

Looking out to Zenkokuji shrine (善国寺)on the main Kagurazaka street, taken from one of the narrow streets leading to the back streets area of Kagurazaka
tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park35 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park36 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park37_2 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park39

Looks of Japanese restaurants around here in the back streets of Kagurazaka but there are also quite a Few french restaurants in the area, due to a couple of French schools nearby and the French expat community.tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park40

On the main Kagurazaka street.
tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park42 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park43 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park44




Then it was back to their apartment on the train to get changed out of Kimono and back to reality, with memories and photos of a fun afternoon together in Tokyo.