tokyo tower and odaiba rainbow bridge by night

Lovers of Japan and married in love for 10 years, J was keen to surprise his wife M with something to remember their time in Japan on their 10 year wedding anniversary. The original plan was to surprise her an hour or so before the shoot, whisk her off to the locations as a surprise but J realized that M would probably want to get ready properly. So, our makeup artist and stylist Yuko waved her magic style wand over M and we got ready to head off into the Tokyo night. Come join us. tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba23


The first stop on our tour of the Tokyo night spots was actually Shibuya with the crazy pedestrian crossing and neon side streets, before we stopped by the Tokyo Tower for some pictures. A beautiful evening and we were able to find some quiet spaces in the many parks around the Tokyo Tower to spend some time getting our shots – a welcome relief after the rush in tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba26_2

The photograph on the right, Tokyo Tower framed by the trees, is one of my favorite. The baseball camp – J apparently got married in a baseball cap so we chose (well, M checked the choice!) one from his collection before heading out.
tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba27 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba28 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba29 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba30

After some fun around the Tokyo Tower we headed by taxi to Odaiba for some more anniversary pictures, the Rainbow bridge like a string of pearls across the Tokyo Bay.

A kiss is nice, but …

… a bit of silliness is also fun. Posed shots look nice but these more candid, relaxed,  shots show the love and connection between the couple even better I think.
tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba33 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba34 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba35 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba36 tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba37

There goes that Tokyo Tower again, our companion for the evening. tokyo-tower-prewedding-odaiba38

Photographed on the Sony A7RII, by Chris Moore.