Engagement pictures at Shibuya scramble crossing and the colorful backstreets of Shibuya

Contining on from the the previous two posts of our couple in Harajuku and Omotesando, we headed off to Shibuya for some closing shots.


Arriving at Shibuya station we got a few photographs around the platform before heading out into Shibuya. Trains are so much a part of life here in Tokyo so I always like to get a few photos on the trains and the platforms amongst the rush of people.

cphotographic-20160329-1248040921 cphotographic-20160329-1248150926 cphotographic-20160329-1248190930

Forever 21! Love the older man looking back our couple (not planned at all and just a nice coincidence of course!) under the F21 sign – perhaps he is thinking back to when he was 21cphotographic-20160329-1248210933 cphotographic-20160329-1250240946

Walking across the Shibuya scramble crossing, looking towards the station.cphotographic-20160329-1250310951 cphotographic-20160329-1250430961

The Shibuya crossing Starbucks behind our couple. The next two photos are taken from the Starbucks window.
cphotographic-20160329-1255100980-2 cphotographic-20160329-1257341013-2 cphotographic-20160329-1303131053_2 cphotographic-20160329-1303401063 cphotographic-20160329-1307201075

The Shibuya crossing is fun and of course not to be missed but the backstreets, just behind the crossing, are perfect for some wildly colorful photos.cphotographic-20160329-1307251083

Even got a shot with some Japanese school girls looking at our couple cphotographic-20160329-1308191096-2 cphotographic-20160329-1311371105

Gas Panic is a well-known club among ex-pats and has a certain reputation shall we say. Our groom used to frequent when he was here many years ago apparently so this shot was his request.