Kichijoji and Inogashira Park pre-wedding photos – with mum’s approval!

The Kichijoji 吉祥寺 area is always in the top 1 or 2 places that people want to live in Tokyo , with the nearby Inokashira Park 井の頭公園 being a big part of the reason for that.

We love photographing around here, and especially if the couple have a connection to the area as our groom did this time.

kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-1b kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-2 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-3 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-4 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-5 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-6

We had chosen a late afternoon/early evening shoot to get that beautiful golden hour of light… but it was completely clouded over. Undeterred, we wandered around Kichijoji Park, searching for some light and having a great time anyway.
kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-7 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-9b kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-11 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-12 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-13 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-14 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-15 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-16 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-17 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-18 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-19 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-20 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-21

Some kind comments from our couple – I’ll explain the comment about her mother next!

We’re extremely pleased with the photos! We were surprised that there are so many good ones!
Thank you so much. We’re sure to recommend you in the future!
Also, you might be pleased to hear that my mother is very pleased as well, haha.
Thank you once again, we had great time and the photos are beautiful.

When they got engaged their parents, especially hers, wanted some nice photos of them both. Preferably in a studio, something commemorative and, our couple thought, too boring. They tried to find an alternative that would suit their personality (but would also satisfy her mum!) and found us here at CPhotoGraphic.

We joked that our slogan could be “CPhotoGraphic pre-wedding pictures – even your mum will approve”! Anyway, happy that we could do a pre-wedding photo session that both the couple and their parents could appreciate.


After Inokashira Park we wandered back to the Kichijoji Station and the ハーモニカ横丁 Harmonica Yokocho area. Harmonica Yokocho gets its name from the small alleyways that look like harmonica reeds apparently. With no particular plan, other that to just enjoy and explore the area we had a great time wandering around until it got dark.
kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-23 nearby. kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-24 Hakichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-25
kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-26 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-27 kichijyoji-inogashira-pre-wedding-28