Tokyo station, Marunouchi and Shirogane pre-wedding photos

Tokyo station and the Marunouchi area around there is a great location for preweddding photos so we were really excited when this Japanese couple asked us. These photos were actually taken a couple of months ago, but we just filmed a same day edit of their night wedding at the Meiji Jingu Shrine a month ago. Night weddings are really rare at the Meiji Shrine and the flame torches lighting up the almost empty courtyard (tourists have to leave around the time the wedding starts) make it seem a wedding from hundreds of year ago.

We really love being able to take both preweddding photos and wedding day video or photos as it means we can share in the excitement of the build up the big day as well!

Although the wedding was at Meiji Shrine, their reception was at The Tender House, in Shiroganedai, Meguro-ku, so we headed off to Nishi Gaien Dori, the street that runs in front of The Tender House for some shots in the late afternoon light.

shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding1 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding2b shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding5bLove this combination – bit serious looking on the left but in reality a lot of fun on the right. shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding7b shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding8

Beautiful late afternoon light. We just wandered down the road, enjoying the atmosphere and stopping where the light looked great. shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding12 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding13 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding14 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding15 Playing with the shadows. Cphotographic’s strength is the our ability to make beautiful pictures with the light and location that is available around us… and…
shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding17b shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding19b

… and also have fun during the shoot!
shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding22 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding23 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding24

After the photos in Shirogane dai we headed off to Marunouchi and the area around the Tokyo Station.
shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding28b shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding30b

shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding34bAfter a few serious looking shots around the banks in the area we walked down Marunouchi for shots in front of the shops there.


While we were waiting for the sun to go down and the Tokyo station lights to come on we looked back the other direction, towards the Imperial Palace, and saw this lampost and the clouds. This is perhaps my favorite shot of the day. Love the way they are holding each other and the way the lampost appears to be lighting them (actually, we had a flash off to the side lighting them, to be honest!).
shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding39b shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding40 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding41 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding43b
shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding45 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding46
When the sun went down and Tokyo station was lit up spent a few minutes getting some serious and not so serious shots in the evening light.

Do have a look at their Meiji Shrine night wedding here. They displayed at the wedding reception a few of the shots we took at the Tokyo station – happy to see our shots printed out and displayed!