Perfect timing for Tokyo cherry blossom engagement photos – the 5 best dates

Have you been dreaming of taking your prewedding photos or engagement photos under Japan’s spectacular cherry blossom trees? One of the best season is spring time in Japan, when the cherry blossoms bloom. But when you are visiting from overseas, it is hard to book your trip in perfect timing when they are in full bloom.

We often get the question from our client asking “Do you know when the cherry blossoms bloom?” or “Is it too late for the engagement photography with cherry blossoms?”

Many of the people think the cherry blossoms lasts for 1-2 weeks. But did you know there are many kinds of cherry blossoms that you can enjoy in Japan?
Before booking your trip to Tokyo, here is essential information on cherry blossoms – the Tokyo cherry blossom blooming schedule and the different types of cherry blossoms. With this information before you book, you can take your engagement photos in Tokyo at the perfect time.

Tokyo Cherry blossom pre-wedding photographs dates – early February to early March

Types of cherry blossoms – Kawazu Sakura.
The Kawazu-zakura trees bloom in early spring. The flowers’ outstanding characteristic is that they are large and pink. When the trees are in peak bloom, they look brilliant.

Locations – Shinjuku gyoen, Kiba park, Kameido chuo park, Odaiba, Shiba park, and Inokashira park

6837636632_56942553b1_kPhoto credit: rahen z

Tokyo Cherry blossom pre-wedding photographs dates – end of March to early April

Type of cherry blossums – Somei Yoshino.
The most popular cherry tree. It is a kind with the pale pink flowers. The blooming period is end of march to early April.
Type of cherry blossums – Yama Sakura.
Its whitish baby pink flowers bloom in early April and the reddish leaf buds start to grow at the same time. The blooming period is end of March to early April.

Locations – Hamarikyu, Ueno park, Yoyogi park, Meguro river, Sumida park and many other places.

kyoto sakura pre-wedding   pre-wedding-tokyo-sakura-6

pre-wedding-tokyo-shibuya-meiji-jingu8hamarikyu-prewedding-photography22  hamarikyu-prewedding-photography6
Photo credits: C Photographic

Tokyo Cherry blossom prewedding photographs dates – end of March to mid April

Type of cherry blossums – Shidare Sakura
The Shidarezakura (weeping cherry) has the drooping branches and one of the popular kind in Japan.

Locations – Koishikara korakuen and Rokugien

Photo credit:SavorEverything

Tokyo Cherry blossom prewedding photographs dates – mid April to late

Type of cherry blossums – Yae Sakura.
Each blossom of the Yaezakura is rather big as it has layers of petals and it looks gorgeous.

Locations – Hamarikyu, Yoyogi park, Ueno park, Sumida park, Inokashira park, Shinjuku gyoen and many other places.


Tokyo Cherry blossom prewedding photographs dates – late April to May

Type of cherry blossums – Shiba Sakura.
Although it is called Shibazakura (lawn cherry blossom), it does not belong to the cherry tree family. The Moss Pink or Moss Phlox is called Shibazakura in Japan as the flowers look similar to cherry blossoms. This plant grows low as if to creep along the ground and covers the ground with the pink, rose or white flowers.

Locations – Mita Sumitomo twin building at Mita, Tokyo german village and Fuji Shibazakura festival in Yamanashi prefecture.

14050288238_40791cc841_kPhoto credit: Sach.S

In this article we covered about the best timing to take engagement photos with the cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

It is hard to get the perfect timing for the cherry blossoms, but there are so many kinds of cherry blossoms that you can see from end of March to early May.  Enjoy Tokyo’s beautiful spring by learning when each tree blooms.