Engagement photo locations in Asakusa – secluded places only a local photographer knows

tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00001The Asakusa  (浅草) area in Tokyo is well known for the famous Sensoji Temple (浅草寺) and most people just go there for engagement photos. Sensoji Temple does look great and it is fun joining the crowds but there is more to Asakusa than just the Sensoji Temple!

I live locally near Asakusa so I know some great photos for engagement photography that only the locals know about. Read on for some engagement photos with a fun couple from Canada. First up was the can’t miss Sensoji Temple

tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00001 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00002 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00003

With the tourist spots covered, it was then time for some locations that only Asakusa locals know about. I love showing visitors around the area so as well as some great photos we had a lot of fun wandering the backstreets of Asakusa.


tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00004 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00005

In the background is the Sumida River. It was actually a bit early for cherry blossoms in most places but I had scouted out this location with some sakura the day before as I live close by.tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00006 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00007

Maneki Neko (招き猫) and our lovely couple. Turns out they are a big fan of Japanese manga and culture so we had a great time talking together about our favorite manga. tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00008 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00009 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00010

We found a local temple in the Asakusa area (location is a secret!) and got some fun shots with no crowds.

tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00011 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00012 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00013 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00014 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00015 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00016 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00017

Then it was on to the Sumida Park for some romantic shots under the sakura which was just starting to bloom.tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00018 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00019 tokyo_sakura_asakusa_engagement00020

Of course can’t leave out the the Tokyo Sky Tree in any engagement photos from Asakusa!