To look your BEST for your engagement/pre-wedding photos

When you decide to take your engagement or pre-wedding photos in Tokyo, there are so many things you want to make sure before visiting the country.

One of the most important things is your outfit. Let us explain how to decide your outfit for your photo shoot.

Bring your OWN wedding gown

I recommend bringing your own wedding gown for your photo shoot. I know it’s a pain to bring it in your suitcase but you will thank me in the end.   Have you shopped for your wedding dress already? If you have, how long did you take to find “the one”? I know it takes hours and sometime it takes days! You can rent a dress in Tokyo, but I don’t think you want to do that. It’s not just design wise, but size wise it’s hard to find your perfect fit dress. So please PEASE bring your own dress.

shinjuku-golden-gai-prewedding-photos10 shirogane-marunouchi-pre-wedding44 pre-wedding-tokyo-hamarikyu14Photos by C Photographic

Locations you cannot wear your wedding gown

Where would you pick as your photo shooting location? We often get requests from our clients “I want to go to XX Shrine”.   The question we always ask is “What would you be wearing for your photo session?” Here is why. Many of the shrines have their own wedding photo plan. They do not allow outside photographer to bring their customer in their wedding dress or Kimono.

Casual cloth is okay.

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tokyo_sakura_meijishrine_engagement00010Photos by C Photographic

Want to try Kimono?

While you are visiting Tokyo, you should experience wearing Kimono.  Unlike wedding gowns, Kimono is easy to pick.  They are very easy to adjust sizes since it is like a gown.  There are many kinds of Kimonos that you can choose from by season, location, your age or occasion type.  If you are coming during the summer, I recommend  Yukata.  Yukata is most casual kimono for just for the hot summer and early autumn.  They are also easy to wear and very light weight.  It is like summer dress in Japan almost everyone has it and wears it during summer time.  Other kimonos can be worn throughout the year.

japanese-garden-kagurazaka-pre-wedding8 tokyo-prewedding-kagurazaka-kimono-park3 miyajima-itsukushima-wedding44Photos by C Photographic

Be YOU by wearing casual clothes

Wearing special dress or Kimono is something very memorable.  But to have your photos taken in your casual cloth is also unforgettable.  You and your love one can relax and be you during the photoshoot.  To be YOU during the shoot is very important.
You can also have lots of poses such as sit on the ground or climb up a tree if you want.

pre-wedding-tokyo-sakura-1  tokyo_sakura_meijishrine_engagement00041.1Photos by C Photographic

This article explains what to wear during the pre-wedding and engagement photoshoot in Tokyo.
Also explains where you can and can not wear your wedding dress or kimono in Tokyo.
Experiencing Kimono is also something very memorable.  To have natural looking photos, wear somehtng