Tokyo’s best engagement and pre-wedding photo locations in Spring

There are so many things to see when you go to foreign countries. What about Tokyo? The Cherry blossom season has just started and so many people around the world has visited to see the beautiful full bloom. But did you know Japan has more than Cherry blossom? Various flowers bloom from season to season in Japan.
Pick your favorite flower and plan to visit for your engagement or pre-wedding photos.
In next blog, I will talk about the Summer spots!


Cherry blossoms
See our previous blog for more information.
Rapeseed flower
Photo credit: Xavier
Time: From mid April to Early May
Hot spot:  Hamarikyu garden
There are 300,000 rapeseed flowers at Hamarikyu garden and when they full bloom it is breath taking.


Photo credit: Asa-moya
Time: From mid April to Early May
Hot spot:  Nezu Shrine
Believed to have been established more than 1,900 years ago by Yamato Takeru-no Mikoto, Nezu Shrine is a historic shrine which is also known for its 300-year-old beautiful azalea garden.

Photo credit: Tomoko Ibaraki
Time: From mid April to Early May
Hot spot:  Jindai Botanical Gardens

Photo credit: 2008JanInokuchi
Time: From Early April to Mid April
Hot spot: Showa Memorial Park

In Tokyo, there are more than Cherry blossoms in Spring.  In this blog you can see other beautiful flowers that you can see in Tokyo of your engagement or pre-wedding photos.