Top 10 Questions to Ask Before your Engagement Session in Tokyo


Have you ever think about getting your engagement or pre-wedding photos taken away from your hometown?  What about Tokyo?  It sounds like so much trouble since you don’t know about the place, people, and many other things.  But if you understand what I’m about to explain you will have no problem.  Here are the top 10 questions that we selected were asked by our customers.

1.      Where should we take our pictures? If you already have locations that you would like to go, choose one or a few locations that are meaningful to you. We recently had a couple select the location where they first visit as a couple, and the sake bars that they enjoyed.  This always effects the session in a positive way, not only were they excited to be reliving these meaningful moments, but their energy and passion was caught on camera.

2.      What should we wear? First of all, talk to your photographer about it.  Some location like shrines does not allow people to wear wedding gowns and have photos taken by professional photographer.  Or some location does allow people to wear wedding gowns but you have to to their permit.  You must ask at least 2 weeks before the photoshoot so ask your photographer if they can get the permit for you.  If you are wearing something casual, bring multiple outfits. Depending on the lighting and the creative mood you’re in.  Dress to your personality, be fun and creative! If you’re sporty, wear your favorite team shirt, if you have a favorite blouse that just can’t stay on the hangar, wear it!  Remember to try and color-coordinate, keeping it in the same color family.  If you want to try Kimono since you are in Japan, some photo studio does provide Kimono dressing service.  Ask your photographer about it.

3.      How many times can we change our outfit?  It is hard to change your outfit if your locations are far from each other or far from your hotel.  It is almost impossible to change your outfit in the bathrooms in Tokyo since they are so tiny.  To change your outfit you should go back to your hotel and do so.  Ask your photographer how long you can have with them.  Most of the photo session lasts 1-2 hours includes changing time so you may need to pay extra to have more time with them.  

4.      How long is an engagement session? Depending on travel time to your various locations, an engagement session is typically anywhere between 1-3 hours.  Ask you photographer if they have any reasonable photo packages.

 5.       What is the best time of day to shoot? We will typically schedule an engagement session in the early morning, early afternoon or about 2-3 hours before sunset. The lighting truly makes all the difference in the quality of the photographs, so it’s imperative to BE ON TIME.

6.       Is transportation fee included in the package?  You don’t want to pay unexpected fee to the photographer.  You should ask about how you are moving to the locations during your photo session. We usually meet our client at their hotel and head to the location together by taxi or train.  We ask our clients to pay directly to the taxi driver when they get off.   Make sure your transportation fee is something reasonable.

 7.      Should we bring accessories?Absolutely! Your favorite hats, ties, sunglasses or scarf can really help to compliment/accent your outfit.  But if you want to borrow something, ask your photographer if you can and for how much.

 8.      When will we see our photos? Always ask your photographer how long it will take to see the photos. If you saved your shoot for the last minute and need the images for the save the date, make sure you tell your photographer. Depending on the time of year and how booked they are, it typically takes 2-4 weeks for the final photos to be posted to the gallery. We typically get excited and will post the photos within a week to our blog, Facebook or Instagram so that you can share with your family and friends!

 9.       Should we get our hair/make-up done? The engagement session is a great opportunity to test out your makeup/hair styling by using this as a trial. We typically recommend that the ladies get their makeup and hair done by us.  Send the images of the hair and makeup that you want to have of you photoshoot with the photographer at least a week before your session.  For the gents, we recommend getting a haircut prior to the shoot.

10.  How do we make the most of our session? Rely on your photographer’s creative input and don’t be afraid to take risks. This may involve some out of the ordinary concepts—but if you want those unique photos that no one else has, trust in your artist. While the photographer is trying to capture the essence of your relationship, remember to act natural, don’t be afraid to play up your relationship by kissing and embracing for the camera. 

 Engagement sessions are a great way to create long-lasting memories to share with your friends, family and future generations.  Do some research before deciding on location and don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to come up with some creative ideas!  I personally love searching on pinterest and find the images that I love!


This article talks about the things you need to know before booking your destination engagement or pre-wedding photo session in Tokyo.  We have list 10 top questions that we get from our clients.