Early March Meiji shrine and Harajuku street walk

We got a lovely email from couple who recently got engaged in early February was looking for a memorable engagement photoshoot in Tokyo.  They were looking for to have Japanese historical architecture and also something fun for their background.  C Photo gives you many location options before fitting your photoshoot.  Galen has visited Tokyo many times in the past but it was her fiancé Brian’s first time.  So she wanted to take him to Meiji Shrine and Harajuku.  These two places are one of the most popular place in Tokyo.  Let’s see how their shoot went!
Here they are!  We met in Harajuku Station.


Meiji Shrine is just 5 minutes away from the station.

It’s hard to believe this huge woods appears in the city.  Let’s go and show them inside of this beautiful shrine.




If you are lucky,  you will get to see the Japanese traditional wedding ceremony.



Japan has so many Sake breweries and they donate their sake to the shrine.


Let’s take them to the Harajuku city!


In the next blog, we will take you to the Harajuku street walking!  Stay tuned!