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A selection of films below. Many more wedding stories told on film here at our Japanese site. Stop by for with some refreshments (and perhaps some tissues!) to be entertained.

Different cultures, one love. Those words from Sean’s dad during the ceremony summed up perfectly the wedding and Sean and Shoko’s relationship.

“Let’s go”. Those simple words from Nina to Euge after their wedding, as they walked out from their wedding surrounded by friends and family captured the day for me. There was the day (and night!) before getting everything (and I mean everything – all of it was organised by Nina, Euge and the family) ready, the dancing, the “Your Song” song and played on guitar for Euge by Nina, the loving messages and hugs from family and friends, all that, but the simple words of “let’s go” showed their happiness of just being together, on the path of life.

The “I don’t know” from Risa’s dad was perfectly him and was the perfect line to make everyone laugh as Risa searched around for a phrase to thank everyone at the end of a happy day. Nick, too, had a bit of drama as he had a very impressive go at his wedding vows – in Japanese. Some cherry blossoms, a rickshaw, lots of tourists and, best of all, lots of family gathered for the big day. Do have a look.

Karuizawa is covered in snow in the winter and mountain flowers in the summer, a haven from the heat of Tokyo yet only an hour away by bullet train. John Lennon came here regularly during the summer, staying at the Mampei Hotel. The same hotel, in fact, that So and Haruko stayed at the night before their wedding. This same day edit film was shown one the day at the end of the reception.

It was a beautiful evening so we spent some time playing amongst the trees and sunlight, with their dog Sakura, the star of the evening.


Films for two, for all to enjoy


Harajuku, Meiji Shrine and Yokohama bay, all in one day! This is the film of J and XJs Tokyo photoshoot here, here and here. A film is great way to capture the atmosphere that photos just can’t and is ideal to show at your reception or just to share with family and friends online.


Films that make commercial sense, with filmic sense


Being a bit of a whizz on the camera and knowing a thing or two about tying a story together means we get requests to do the odd TV commercial and promotional video. This one is for well-known sweets maker Henri Charpentier, based in Kobe, but with shops and fans all around Japan. They wanted a wedding videographer who could effectively link a line of their sweets to a beautifully shot wedding in a natural way. That’s us!

Many more wedding stories told on film here on our Japanese site. Stop by for with some refreshments (and perhaps some tissues!) to be entertained.